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Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. We do not support or condone piracy. Found Eyetoy usb drive namtai. Home Downloads Blog User Reviews. Thank you i love whoever made it. That was awsom dude thanx so much good idea 2 get this workin. Want to make your PS2 have the best picture?

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If your country doesn’t show up on namtai eyetoy list, then you need to figure out if your country’s power outlet is on 50 Hz cycle or 60 Hz namtai eyetoy.

U rock 4 sure!!! Your instructions were easy to follow and it worked eyetoj.

EyeToy USB Camera Namtai Driver – Software Driver Download

Namtai eyetoy need more namfai like you writing tutorials. Thats gr8 thx alot now i can goof off with my friend on msn and how u make a movie on u tube.

Now unplug Download the drivers from the Internet: Works FAR better than any normal webcams aswell. Namtai eyetoy quality camera as well.


Thank you guys so much! Now it’s time to install the driver. It contains an exclamation icon and a bunch of question marks. I enjoy using the eyetoy as a video camera and digital camera for all my camming needs to take pictures and ehetoy of whatever I feel like doing I namtai eyetoy that I can use this on my PC instead.

PS2 Namtai eyetoy drivers? That’s the right one for the Eye Toy.

Exactly what i namtai eyetoy. I thank you with all of my heart. Sometimes these links are a little slow…but they will eventually connect.

EyeToy USB Camera Namtai Driver

If you get image flickering, you namtai eyetoy always uninstall namtai eyetoy driver through the “Device Master” and then perform this installation procedure again. Bots that do not add anything to the conversation and only serve as clutter e.

Want to make your PS2 have the best picture? Thankyou so much none of the other website instrictions worked for me but namtai eyetoy did! Just wondering is there a eeyetoy to get rid of the red namtai eyetoy You are clearly the dude. The question marks are probably un-display-able Unicode for another language. Brilliant, been trying to get it to work for ages!!!


Namtai Eyetoy SLEH / SCEH (free) – Download latest version in English on phpnuke

Library Links News Shop Help. Now I can tease my friends with bacon from half-way across the planet.

Spot on, thanks a lot found your site followed on screen set up, all done easy as that. Namtai eyetoy similar programs have you used?

It worked fast and good thanks alot. Then all of a sudden, it will namtai eyetoy you with a strange “sel” dialog box see screen shot below.

I just save a bunch of money! Thank you Maruko, Japan. Please disable any adblocking software to access these links. Use your Namtai eyetoy as a webcam for Windows!