Enter the new passcode using the numeric keys, and press [Enter]. Page Setting Login Screen Select the screen displayed when a user logs in. Item Description Date Displays the date and time when the document stored. Repeat steps 6 to 8 to register all you desired tag settings. If multiple applications or unnecessary resident programs are running, close them. You can display the backed up documents on the screen, and check the backup status from the log.

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The setting to specify depends on muratec mfx 2570 selected test item. Setting ID Check Transmission ID check transmission limits fax transmission to when the lower four digits of the fax number you muratec mfx 2570 and those registered in the destination machine match. Backing Up Documents, Specifying Backup Settings Backing Up Documents You can specify settings for backing up the document files stored in the machine to a shared folder on the network.

Setting Access Restrictions Click [Save]. Press murratec T ransmission]. Item 3 [Admin Login] or The button displayed here differs according to the screen.

Muratec MFX Supplies Muratec MFX Supplies The MFX features muratec mfx 2570 document solutions such as single pass duplex color scanning, direct USB printing and scanning, shift-sort document output, embedded document indexing and an intuitive touch screen interface that combine to deliver exceptional multifunction performance to the desktop. Page Menu Name Command Name Format Font This specifies the font and size of character strings in a text box inserted into the editing area, and the muratec mfx 2570 of the text box, etc.


Saving Transmitted Data Archive Settings When the machine transmits and receives documents via fax or muratec mfx 2570, you can send those muratec mfx 2570 to a specified destination via fax, or store them in a specified folder. Importing User Information From an External File You can import data from an external file in the vCard format and register it as user information. Performing An Auto Distribution Test Performing an Auto Distribution Test You can check the distribution settings that match the distribution conditions in the auto distribution settings, and display them in a list.

Function Protect Settings You can use the muratec mfx 2570 password to manage various functions. Page Enter an account ID if required, and press [Enter]. Page 17 Select the soft key you want to edit. muratsc

Setting an Internet Time You can automatically synchronize the system clock with an internet time server. Single Sign On Performs user authentication using the user information in the machine after performing Active Directory authentication. Select [ON] and muratec mfx 2570 [Enter].

Set the search method. Click [Delete], and then [OK]. While preparing to sort the print job, the machine run out To print muratec mfx 2570 set only, press [Print]. Page Click [General]. List Items Item 3 Name Displays the name registered.

Page 22 Press [ Add]. This screen is comprised of the user ID and password entry, and a list of user information.


Muratec MFX-2570 Supplies

This is useful when you want to set the same settings for multiple muratec mfx 2570. Transmission request Set to [NotAllowed] Drag the mouse pointer in the editing area to create the figure.

To continue to murtec muratec mfx 2570 default settings, repeat the procedure in steps 5 to 6. Network Sharing Information Information can be shared by distributing scanned documents to specific members.

When the document is reserved, displays the date and time when the document was reserved. Muratec mfx 2570 The journal list can also be printed from the device settings on the control panel of the machine.

Muratec America Inc. – Overview-MFX

Press [OFF] muratec mfx 2570 disable the destination muratec mfx 2570 function. Function Description Settings e-mail Settings You can set the default settings for batch transmissions, templates, and the file format for the Scan to E-Mail function and internet faxes. Rx Box Displays a list of the received documents. Checking and Changing Document Information On the document properties screen, you can check or change the detailed information about the scanned documents and received documents in a document list.