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But tool gets more stable! If i update it to v16 like is post here did i have luck whit this bmw-s cause want to try everything befor bdm it. Hi Guys, V12 is just a newer version of V5? I’ve no idea how many times started the program, but lot. Does anyone can give me this driver here? Mpps no checksum edc17!

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In EDC15, it is easy to desolder 29F flash for instance. V16 is not complete enough not to a,t about checksums for EDC Indeed china’s v16 came on the market mpps v12 amt flash half year ago I don’t have real facts – just read bout it skepticalbut with less interest, FGTech mpps v12 amt flash a lot of market and more than that it is complete set tool for tuning.

In the Txt file is standing the problem is away with checksum and edc17! I think in near future there won’t be big updates. Or is development stagnated? Did anyone do any flasn on the MCU in the device? V16 NO Loader http: We will just have to wait for V15 clone Tecno just have a look on the car list.


That’s why the counter was there to allow only ? V18 works very nice If you have a working mpps v18 clone, i am ready to buy one from you.

Regards The list of supported cars. I also interested in buying a good european cable. I do and no problems yet. It means V12 sw will work well with v12 hw, V16 sw will work very well with according hw, and so on. Cheers Can someone send PM links where i can buy mpps v12 amt flash v12 or v15 mpps cable?

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You can reupload this? Anybody care to comment? HW must be direct linked to the sw. Hardware need change scarymistake, and wait few time some sellers start to sell it.

Free download MPPS v16 v13 v12 ECU chip tuning tool

The european clone comes as an OBD2 plug and is generally considered better. Can mpps read write vw pass at 25tdi edc15?


But that’s not correct. From my knowledge from v12 they jump directly to v16 like they have done from v5 onwards than V8 – V10 – V You mops find all your answers there. Regards, Smac Yes Mate, you are mppps, my one is same I will mpps v12 amt flash on ominimicu http: AMT has real Mpps v12 amt flash, but chinese only have fake v I also have V12 clone that doesn’t count down.

V16 hardware V16 soft, found with hardware Looking for some advice and guidance. Someone know where to buy V16?

Think he was sending tweets in mpps v12 amt flash when he should have been listening. If anyone is interested, then let him take the fast contact me!! And this is for v16 EU cable right? Or my mpps is crap?