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This forum discussion suggests that with the right type of splitter, you may be able to span to the second monitor? Could this be because it’s through the docking station? If you’re seeing both monitors listed in the video properties then that’s probably the case. Applications behave differently in a multidisplay configuration depending on their implementation:. Then change the settings to what you prefer.

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Intel Dual Display Clone is used to drive multiple displays with the same content. The bright green screen means the kernel driver is working.

You will need a video card. Please consider upgrading to the latest version of your browser by clicking one of the following links. Right-click the Desktop to access the Graphics Options menu. Could be the dock. You’ll probably have to find the make and model number of the adapter and google it, looking for where to download the drivers or software for it.

Result in 2nd attached file. I bought a VGA splitter, plugged both monitors in and so far haven’t been able to get past the step where both monitors show the same thing. The only detected display is the internal LDVS panel: X0-lock and start again.


Some new docking stations are optimus graphics video cards etc.

Frequently Asked Questions about Multiple Displays for Older Intel®

I’m not opposed to buying used posted by downing street memo at 2: Mlnitor the screens are different sizes, the mouse cursor can be at different positions on either screen. Support Home Graphics Drivers.

I’d suggest this guy.

Okay, so I get to this page see attached. I assume this shouldn’t be put in the file: So I managed to finagle myself an extra monitor at work, but was told by IT that I’d be responsible for setting it up and buying any additional hardware. HP I haven’t changed xorg. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to buy some more stuff, but if anyone else has ideas, I’m all ears.

Click on a monitor in the diagram to get the blue highlight and change settings for that monitor.

برامج تشغيل الرسوميات لأطقم الشرائح Intel® Q35 Express

Okay, found a thread saying it will not work for me with this monitor. If you want two independent displays you will need a new graphics card that has two outputs. The internal device section needs to have the Driver option Choose your driver instead of intel I’ve put the rest in the intell.


The monitor is always attached in my setup. Trying to have 2 monitors, showing the same. How To Enable Clone Mode. I thought it read as xrandr was a problem. This forum says that some dell ” optiplexes come with cards that allow you to do this.

Another possible configuration sends the same content to different displays to give a expres to a large audience. Consider that before proceeding. Your IT group are a bunch of inel.

DL chip limited to pixel modes [ Multiple display devices on a single system allows for a number of possible configuration options. I think the command: