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It’s a bit expensive for me though. Back us with money using Gee Are’s PayPal. Yeah it seems like T-mobile contracted it out on the cheap, there are even two different versions of the manual, the one on the mobile and the one on the stick I really appreciate it. I have send mine back trail period to KPN the netherlands.

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Installing Huawei E On macOS Sierra And macOS High Sierra –

However, I’ve noticed the download speed seems to drop to about kbs if the signal is as low as 1 bar still HSDPAbut with two bars hyawei goes up to kpbs. Do you know of the same problems regarding the E Huawei on t-mobiles web n walk deal? Nowif only there was a way to SMS on my MacBook Pro thru the modem to top up without having to pop out the card into a mobile phone! It was pretty easy from what I remember so good luck.

I have tried the web n walk stick on my Macbook Pro. Learn how your comment data is processed.

I’m adding this comment whilst using huadei E on Lion!! I called huawei but they said this shouldn’t be the case. Thank you for the article.

Blogging is my Passion! There is a version on the t-mobile website which was newer than the version on the cd-rom, this might have had something to do with it. I have a Virgin mobile phone T-mobile is the provider but they won’t use that.

I upgraded my Mac to To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. If anyone needs to connect using Linux, I know someone who has the method. How you resolved it? Guess the Firmware Update was needed. You placed reliance on the seller’s advice that the stick would be usable at your postcode and it does not.


My Web ‘n’ Walk software wasn’t crashing, but it was generating a crash with Network Status whenever I tried connecting.

Using a Huawei E170 (T-Mobile Web ‘n’ Walk USB Stick) with Mac OS X Leopard

It has something to do with the 64bit kernel at startup and the fact that the drivers are for 32bit huawwei i have not found a solution yet. I have been having problems with this USB stick on OSX – the modem works fine using the settings provided here – logs on quickly – no problem, but it seems the stick starts to fail after about 20 to 30 minutes and refuses to log back on – i might be lucky and get another minute or two but then drops again.

I’m using OS X I have been using my buawei n walk happily for some months now on my MacBook, but just now I can’t connect mav anything that is on port Overheating definately not the case.

A bit of latency sometimes it seems, but results are fairly typical.

Huawei E not working and not even reco… РApple Community

My work experience as a blogger and analysist Internet Intelligence, SEO and social media is the basis of the services of pabst. I’m sure its an overheating issue!

Guess it would be nice to yuawei SMS support in there too. User profile for user: I am in Spain, connecting with an Orange sim card. There dosent seem to be enough power in the USB ports to power the modem and as soon as it connects it drops the device and then says it can’t find the device.


Huawei Mac OS X Driver Installation

This is a clear case of fitness for purpose – it does nto match the purpose for nuawei you needed it and the seller assured you it would. Have just installed launch2net, which I had bought previously for a different PC card modem, and this seems to connect fine.

Huswei it seems like T-mobile contracted it out on the cheap, there are even two different versions of the manual, the one on the mobile and the one on the stick I am sending this now via my stick at 64k, so if you see this it really works. Huawei E not working and not even recognized by macbook pro 13″ june Has anyone gotten the Huawei E 3G usb dongle to work under osx Hi, i just had to say thanks for posting this info, i just bought the same usb stick encountered all the same ‘quitting’ issues, rang support helpline – told it was compatible, downloaded driver update still no joy.