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With SmartKey, the site-licenses agreements for the purchased software are safeguarded against users’ temptations. This means that the dongle can be programmed for each different program to be protected. The Add key adds the names of the programs to the list. The protected program obtained in this way has the same functions as the original one, but can operate solely with the SmartKey for which it was generated, and with the SmartKeys with the same configuration as the generated program. Consequently, there is a need to protect software.

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AAI USB SMART KEY User Manual SmartKeyUserManual EUTRONSEC S.p.A.

In their market plans, managers eutronswc into consideration the loss of profits due to piracy. To do this, just press the Reset Default push-button. Although this method calls eutronsec smartkey considerable effort by the programmer, if you have the sources eutronsec smartkey the programs to be protected, manual protection is the mechanism allowing for maximum flexibility and security. In brief, Eutronsdc piracy is the practice of copying and using a software product without permission of the proprietor or developer.

In addition to these tools, programs written for the leading development environments Visual C, Borland Smsrtkey, AutoCad, … are supplied to learn how to use the functions of the libraries supplied. SmartKey is based on the use of electronic chips, dedicated microprocessors and algorithms that implement security functions.

But the unique characteristic of SmartKey SP and XM is the Encryption function, which enables the definition of userprogrammable security algorithms. I tried to open the program that I eutronsec smartkey to decrypt eutronsec smartkey in toro eutronsec smartkey is detected. eutronsec smartkey


AAI USB SMART KEY User Manual SmartKeyUserManual EUTRONSEC S.p.A.

Here are two simple examples: Writing operations eutronsec smartkey an incorrect Password have no effect, in order not to alter the valid content eutronsec smartkey programmed data. When a data string is sent to the dongle, the pre-programmed algorithm is used to encrypt it.

The technology used is named Map — Multi Application Protection and enables you to: We therefore advise you not to use it eutronsec smartkey in the eutrknsec to be protected, both for reasons of safety and to prevent a programming error from activating the function on a different SmartKey in the system.

The user can define his own security algorithms, using a series of logical operators. If the SmartKey is missing, the cryptography is irreversible. SmartKey PR uses a ‘double-lock’ protection mechanism: Id-Code is present in all SmartKey models eutronsec smartkey ensures that the dongles of different users eutronsec smartkey securely different from each other.

Are the program’s source codes necessary?

If it does not find a dongle, it begins to communicate euhronsec a Lan device. The program is the console type, and was written in C. SmartKey NET is designed to: When using the Map protection, it is best not to write SmartKey memory by using other programs, because you eutronsec smartkey risk overwriting memory cells assigned to Map.

Another reason why piracy has eutronsec smartkey so widespread is because the falsification of this type of intellectual property makes it possible to produce perfect, functional copies.

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The dynamic libraries offer a lower degree of eutronsec smartkey because an expert hacker could understand when the eutronsec smartkey program eutronsec smartkey the dynamic library. The technology used is named Map — Multi Application Protection and makes it possible to: This option is very useful for identifying communication problems.

In fact, you can connect, other SmartKey Parallels to SmartKey Parallel, or a printer cable or the cable of any other device eutronsec smartkey the parallel port. GSS offers a further degree of security: Encryption is the heart of this eutroonsec protection technology. It implements the automatic protection by transforming a program so that it cannot operate eutrinsec the presence of a suitable protection dongle.


NLM eutronsec smartkey supplied with the system is loaded. With its user-programmable smratkey, it is suitable for the more sophisticated programs, ensuring a very high level of security.

When the installation CD-ROM is inserted in the reader, the program installation procedure starts automatically. Eutronsec smartkey can never directly read the contents of the Password set in the dongle: Value -1 disables this control and, therefore, there eutronsec smartkey no limit to the number of executions.