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Back up what’s on there and send it for repair. I don’t quite get that performance out of the Glyph as measured by HD Tune. If not you can download these from their web site considering it ia a legal player they makes. Originally Posted by kova. So try debugging thoes cables.

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Send a private message to nigelpry. I am going to narrate some audio books and want to add a dedicated drive as a record volume.

I did notice that the ‘new’ version of that drive, which has USB3 and thunderbolt connectors, has only a rpm drive Plugin-alliance does not detect USB hard drives as possible activation method So it seems there is no way Pro Tools will allow this. Darryll Ramm knows more about this than anyone here – ask him.

How to install sound card drivers? Bus powered drives are very nice for portable applications, less cable mess to deal with, they even handle AC power glitches when use with latops etc.


I would never recommend any thunderbolt disk drive that is bus powered; that’s asking for trouble. What is your fascination with ECC in your first post?? I hope it comes with a kickstand. Lost 3 month’s worth of work. Thanks Again Regards Mike.

AVID NAND Flash USB Device driver – DriverDouble

Sometimes if i barely move the trash can i get disconnect messages And flsah good idea but not critical for read-mostly sample files Small can use as much power as or more than a physically big drive.

Any good Dveice drive is going to need an external power supply unless it has an autoswitching power supply internal. It’s voice only, so my needs are simple.

I will test again what you told me above concerning the cables and see what happens Hardly taking advantage of Thunderbolt2 speed.

Not very fast, meant for document storage. Again, are you sure the drive you have is faulty?

And you are sure the current drive is actually faulty? There are lots of punch-ins while recording. All times are GMT Another is they don’t have to sweat regulatory agencies that deal with such things as safety and AC mains power.


AVID NAND Flash USB Device – download driver

Thanks in Advance Regards Mike. I don’t quite get that performance out of the Glyph as measured by HD Tune. There’s this from LaCie at this page: This drive is faster than any usb 2. Previous topic Next topic.

Drivers >>> AVID NAND Flash USB Device driver

You want to hang that slow old cheap spinny disk off your overpriced Mac Pro Trachcan? Just try recording to the system drive. We now provide access to a multitude of drivers – easier than ever before. This udb an excellent method for portable recording.